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Savannah is a city with a past rich in history and blood. The second bloodiest battle of the Revolutionary War was fought here. The Civil War waged all around it; and if not for the forward thinking of its citizens, it would have been burned by Sherman during his bloody “March to the Sea.” Savannah was given by Sherman to President Lincoln as a Christmas present; this would be President Lincoln’s last Christmas alive.

Savannah is a city that was built to be a perfect utopia and the design was based on magic symbols. It is a city with a ghost in each square and almost every home and hotel. It was a town where pirates walked the city streets and slaves were sold like property. A city of Southern Elegance and dark mysteries, Savannah is like no other and has been called “America ‘s Most Haunted City” by several leading paranormal investigators.

If you have done a trip to Savannah with Southern Ghosts before, or if you have always wanted to go, but never took the chance, this will be the trip for you.

The weekend includes:

  • Three day, two night stay in the lovely ClubHouse Inn and Suites Savannah.
  • A question and answer session with Vince Wilson, author of Ghost Tech and Ghost Science.
  • A private tour with Savannah’s most popular ghost tour company Sixth Sense Savannah.
  • Dinner and investigation of the Moon River Brewing Company. (Ghost Hunters investigated this property during their Halloween special. Come and investigate it now with the original team of investigators!)
  • Access to all of Southern Ghosts’ equipment and education on how to use them.
  • Access to the Southern Ghosts Team.
  • An investigation of a mystery location. The name and description of this location will be revealed closer to the date of the event.

Special guests for this event include:
-Vince Wilson
-Emilio San Martin of Orlando Ghost Tours
-Shannon Scott of Sixth Sense Savannah and producer for Scariest Places on Earth

Price for single or double occupancy is $550.
Price for each additional person is $150, up to four people total per room.

This event will be recorded. You may end up on Southern Ghosts’s upcoming DVD.

You bring your camera, flashlights, an open mind and comfortable shoes.

If you have any questions, please email Southern Ghosts at or call: (407) 234-6611.

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