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Witness: Jessie
Location: Fillmore, California
Date of Encounter: October 18, 2003

My encounter happened around 2:00 AM this morning. Recently, my friend Sam died. He was killed by a ruthless guy with a gun. Sam and I were really close.

He liked me a lot and would always follow me around like a little puppy. He died at 12:15 AM Sunday of last week. He was at a party when he was shot and I was at home watching movies. At 1:00 AM that night I felt a warm breeze pass by me. I had no idea my friend just had died and it stuck me as weird that a warm breeze would pass when it was really cold in my house. Well, it got a little strange. This morning I hopped into bed trying to get some sleep and I was just fine up until I heard someone whisper into my ear, "Baby." I soon got really hot then really cold. My heart was racing and my hands were trembling. I got up and turned on my computer to talk to someone for comfort. My right hand soon turned numb and warm. I was too scared to go back to sleep, but I knew I had to. I didn't hear anything after that, but I don't know if my encounter was truly real or if I was having a nervous breakdown. Either way, it was really scary and I would like to get someone's opinion.

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