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Witness: Bill
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Encounter: Summer 1992

During the summer of 1992 I worked as a security officer at a famous, now replaced, casino/hotel on the Las Vegas strip. My duties included outside patrol of the grounds as well as inside work in the casino. I worked the graveyard shift and had just completed a walk-through of one of the outer guest buildings. Upon exiting the building I stopped for a moment to light a cigarette. I started to take a look around and out of the corner of my eye I saw something strange. Over the rear entrance of the casino I saw something that looked like a large bundle of plastic wrap floating in the air about 10 to 15 feet above the roofline of the building. It was moving slowly, gaining altitude as it moved east away from the casino and the strip. Of course you think of every possible explanation to rationalize something you have seen. While watching the undulating floating "whatever" another officer on my shift approached me to see what I was looking at. Before I could say a word he said "Oh my God, What is that?" I related to him that I had been watching it moving around for about 5 minutes before he came to the area. We stood and watched for about another 5 minutes when all of a sudden the "whatever" made one more quick move toward the rear of the property and was gone. I should mention that this was a warm summer night with little or no breeze that could have assisted the object on its maneuvers. We never spoke of the incident to anyone else or each other again. If we had, this would have brought the suspicions of our supervisors and very possibly a substance test down on us. This is the only time I have told the story to anyone other than my wife, from whom I got the, "sure ya did, honey" look.

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