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Witness: Lisa
Location: Youngstown, Ohio
Date of Encounter: 1998

This encounter story is about my daughter. She was born in 1997. When she learned to crawl, at the end of 1997, she used to crawl to a corner in our kitchen and point to something. We could never figure out what she was looking at. At 15 months, she started talking in sentences. She kept talking to someone in that kitchen corner named "Freddie." There were no Freddies in our family, and although the man who lived in the house before us died there, his name was not Freddie.

From around April 1998, my daughter kept talking to this Freddie, but never told us who he was. It got really creepy; Freddie started following her around the house, and she would get up at night and talk to him, and follow something on the ceiling with her eyes. Finally, we got tired of this, and asked a priest we knew to come in and bless our house. (We didn't tell him about Freddie.) He came and blessed the house. That night, my daughter flushed a bottle down the toilet, causing a lot of damage, but she never mentioned Freddie after the house blessing, nor did she follow anything on the ceiling. (She told us later she flushed the bottle to get back at us for sending her friend away.)

In December 1998, on Christmas Eve, my two older children were telling her that someone was going to visit her that night. Of course they meant Santa. When they asked my daughter who was going to visit, she told them calmly, "Freddie." They came and told me about this, but we decided not to say anything about it. That evening we were at my cousin's house for a Christmas Eve dinner with my father's family. My cousin lived four streets over from us. We got there a bit late because my two older children were in a Christmas pageant at our church. My daughter was too excited to eat, so my sister took her so my husband and I could get some food. My sister took her to the steps… my cousin had a split level house and had a small staircase to the upstairs part. My sister sat halfway up the steps and let my daughter climb them. We didn't have steps at our house and they were a novelty to her. A short time later, my sister showed up next to me with my daughter in her arms and asked, "Who is Freddie?" We hadn't told her the story about Freddie because she did not believe in ghosts and got mad if we said anything about them. She then told me that my daughter had climbed up to the landing, stopped, and cried, "Freddie's here!" She then ran over to the corner. My sister stood there watching her and she kept murmuring to something; my sister didn't see anyone or anything. Then she turned, walked back over to my sister and said sadly, "Freddie was here, but he's gone. He says he can't come back anymore." (My daughter had a very advance vocabulary for her age, and spoke in complete sentences.) She then told my sister that Freddie came back to see her, but he said that he wasn't allowed to come back anymore, and she would never see him again. She never spoke Freddie's name after that, and if we tried to ask her about him, she refused to talk about it.

We never did find out who Freddie was, but it wasn't the end of my daughter's ability to see ghosts. She saw them for many years after, and we had to have the house blessed several times to get rid of unwanted "guests." Gradually, she stopped seeing them. She's 12 now, and hasn't seen any in a while, but she still remembers quite a few of the incidents from when she was young.

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