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Witness: Melanie
Location: Walla Walla, Washington
Date of Encounter: Early May 2007

It was my third grade birthday. I was turning nine, and about seven girls were spending the night. I'll let you know this, I have always been hunting for ghost and excitement. Sometimes spiritual stuff actually happened. Well, at this party we were all really bored so we went out to this pasture out by my house. At the pasture was a hill with a billboard leaning against it. The neighborhood kids including myself put it there to use as a slide. At the pasture we took turns going down the slide. I was last to go down. As I prepared myself to gown down I felt myself being pushed forward. I started doing summersaults, tumbling down the slide. At the bottom of the slide I hit my head on a rock and almost broke my friend's glasses I was wearing. All my friends were asking why I was falling down the slide like that, and I said what I felt. On the way back to my house with everyone, I looked at my back and saw a red hand print. It quickly started to fade away before I could show anyone else.

Later that night my friend Emma and I were sitting in my closet (we were all bored again). After a few minutes for some reason both of our gazes were drawn next to Emma. Sitting next to her was a boy who looked about 14. He reminded me of Tom Sawyer. He was wearing a straw hat and overalls over a plaid shirt. He was even bare foot with a piece of straw in his mouth. My friend and I screamed, while I also tried to open the closet door. The door would not open. After a few more moments of panic my friends on the other side of the door got it to open. That last experience has always scared my friend but fascinated me. But about two years later I was telling a neighbor friend this whole story. He admitted that he was spying on me and my friends that day. He said that when I was about to go down the slide a tall, slim girl with blond hair (which was super long) hiding her face pushed me. He though it was just one of my friends. After I told him about that story (all of it) we investigated that time. We came to the conclusion it was a ghost! We believed it was a ghost because I realized nobody at my party looked like that! I believe in my closet was a ghost too because I always feel the eerie feeling of a presence in my room. The feeling of being watched still haunts me.

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