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Witness: Marjorie Reinbold
Location: Avondale, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: Spring of 1997

A neighborhood cat befriended our three-year-old daughter, Lauren. The cat's name was Tommy. That cat would climb up on the roof and meow his head off just to play with Lauren — this went on for about six months. One night Lauren woke up crying, she said that she had a dream and Tommy told her that he would never hurt her. She said that he was right there and pointed to the middle of the room. I told her Tommy was right, he would not ever hurt her and that he loved her. She finally calmed down and went back to sleep. The next morning our neighbor (the cats owner) called to tell us Tommy was hit by a car last night and that she was so upset that she asked us to bury him for her. I said sure. Later that day I told her about Lauren's dream, we were all pretty weirded out by this. I still get very emotional to this day about it.

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