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Witness: Ian
Location: Thornhill, Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: June 23, 2003

I just had a very intense experience, and it seemed to have been a text-book definition of the old hag syndrome — except that I recall being completely conscious and able to move around before the "hag" actually attacked me. I felt and remembered every moment of the horrifying attack very vividly. Please forgive my poor writing as mentally I'm barely in one piece right now.

I woke up in the middle of my sleep inside my suburban family home. I started to hear people talking — clear, distinct voices addressing directly to me about completely bizarre and irrelevant things. Right then and there I knew something wasn't quite right, so I reached for the lamp on my night table and attempted to turn it on.

It simply would not turn on, despite my frantic pushing of the switch. In my height of tension I jerked and pulled the cord a few times.

I became really frustrated, yet too intimidated to get out of my bed. As I was deciding what to do, I literally felt something invisible, non-physical — yet very real — suffocating me. As I tried to yell for help I could hear my own voice slowly waning down. The convulsions — if you can call them that — were much more intense than similar ones I've had before, and I felt like my entire body was spiraling downwards rapidly. It lasted for seemingly an eternity until it all just went away — the sound made by the flowing of air from the air duct beside my bed told me that I'd been brought back into the real world. I found myself sleeping on my back, facing up, with both hands tugged underneath my pillow — the typical position for encounters of this sort, but a very unusual position for me as I'm more comfortable resting on my sides. However, I did not see anything unusual — no apparitions or spirits of any kind — or maybe it was just too dark in my room and I was too scared to really look around?

To my amazement when I reached for the lamp — and this time it lit up upon my first try — the switch was out of its usual place and the whole cord seemed to have been pulled vigorously by someone.

It was 2:40 AM when I had collected myself enough to look at the clock.

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