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Crop Circles: Signs of ContactCrop Circles: Signs of Contact
By Colin Andrews with Stephen J. Spignesi
Publisher: New Page Books (March 2003)
Pages: 239 – Price: $17.99 review

Have your local librarian order this book for placement in the library. As a reference on crop circles information, it is the most complete in print. Colin Andrews with Stephen J. Spignesi have compiled a remarkable collection of data on crop circles. The book is filled with photos and illustrations, much like a concise dictionary, and one that is enjoyable reading. 

With an interesting introduction, there comes immediately the chapters, and each one will give the reading audience a clear view on and about crop circles. There are five parts to the book with a total of 19 chapters. The appendices are listed as A, B, C, D, and E and cover such topics as crop circles, crop circles A to Z, crop circle who’s who, crop circle Web sites, and the Andrews Catalog which illustrates the numerous styles and types of crop circle imagery.

Chapter two – “What Are The Crop Circles” is suggested reading for any person curious about the history of crop circles, and the strange designs that appear in open fields. Chapter 13 covers crop circle hoaxes. Chapter eight contains an interview with Busty Taylor, a British pilot who has tracked crop circles since 1985 in England. Chapter four covers the theories about crop circles. Each chapter and each topic will provide invaluable references time and again. 

On page 37, concerning numbers of crop circles, it is stated that approximately 200 crop circles or designs appear yearly on a worldwide basis, and there are over 10,000 documented designs of crop circle formations — this is reason enough to read the book and discover how, when, where, and maybe discover why! 

You won’t be disappointed with this nonfiction historical approach to crop circles, and what the significance is for humankind. A well-crafted work, Crop Circles is an eye-opener of a reading experience, blessed with a sense of honesty, curiosity, surprise, and information that will hold you spellbound! 

Colin Andrews is a former electrical engineer with the British government and is considered the world’s leading authority on crop circles. His first studies of these circles stared in 1983. He was a scientific consultant for M. Night Shyamalan’s movie Signs which starred actor Mel Gibson. Stephen J. Spignesi is the author of more than 30 books covering a variety of subjects, including biography and the paranormal.

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