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Witness: Kyle
Location: Connecticut
Date of Encounter: March 3 1988

There have been several encounters in my house. The first of which was in my parents, bedroom. All of a sudden the bed sunk like someone was sitting on it. A few years later my brother saw a strange figure in our room, he said he saw a strange man looking right at him. Another time in the downstairs where my mom was rocking me on the chair, putting me to sleep, she said she heard scratching on the chair but it wasn't my cat, Tiger because he was in another room — it was like it was crawling around. I believe there is also a spirit, a guardian angel around me.

When I was about four years old I was at this New Years eve party — at the party this guy was drunk and he was throwing fire crackers, and I was running around, all of a sudden I tripped and was face-to-face with the fire cracker — my mom screamed! I forgot the name of the fire cracker but it is the one that rarely goes out — it doesn't even go out under water. It was a dud! Another time I was on my tractor and this was around when I was 12, the brakes didn't work and I was going down the hill, it was the edge of the yard and I was going down very fast. All of a sudden my dad appeared behind me and stopped it by pulling the lever. He said he was at the mailbox and all of a sudden he appeared here. thanks for listening to my strange stories. I am open to opinions.

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