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Witness: Freddie B
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Date of Encounter: Early 2000

First off let me explain that I am in the military and we were living in military housing at AMR during this encounter — I was married at the time. I don't recall the exact date, though I know it was early in 2000. My wife and I were home on a Saturday morning, relaxing like we usually did. I was entertaining myself playing video games and sitting on the couch, while my wife was at the computer desk about four feet behind the couch, checking her e-mail. All of a sudden, I felt what I thought was a hand pat me on my left shoulder, as if to say "what's up?" For a second, I thought I could feel someone standing behind me. Figuring it was my wife since we were the only ones in the house, I turned to greet her and there was no one there, and then I also noticed that my wife had not moved, and was still typing at the computer. My next thought was that it must have been our cat (Chyna), playing around. So I asked my wife where the cat was. She turned her chair to face me a little, showing me that the cat was lying in her lap. Obviously, I was a little freaked out so I told my wife what had just happened. She got scared and asked me not to talk about it.

Soon after that, I was again on the couch, holding and petting the cat. Unexpectedly, she started to claw into me, while at the same time looking at something unseen that seemed to be right behind me — the experience gave me a chill. I let the cat go and she ran off to the bedroom. I turned to look behind me and of course there wasn't anything there. Though I thought it was a bit weird I shrugged it off, even though I was a bit unnerved. A few days later, I was laying on my bed watching TV and I noticed that the cat had wandered in the room so I called to her (usually she came to me right away), and she stood there looking at me. So I continued to call to her until once again, she seemed to see something behind me (at this same moment I sensed a presence again), the cat turned, and ran out of the room. As you can probably imagine I was a bit tired of it all so, having had enough, I turned my head, looked over my shoulder, and as a reaction said something like, "Please leave me alone!"

After that incident, nothing more ever happened. I was able to pick the cat up without her trying to get away or scratch me anymore.

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