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Witness: Tallie
Location: Mount Sterling, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: Summer 1999

The encounter that I had was not only involving myself but my (at the time) five-year old cousin. My family has always been very close — many things float throughout our family that involve spirituality. For instance, my mother, her aunt, her grandmother, and myself all share the ability to have dreams and thoughts that come true. I have encountered feelings or senses so overwhelming I have had to go to bed and stay there for fear of something happening — which it usually does. Sometimes this can be a very painful gift. Until this incident I thought it was just that our family was so close that we sort of developed a sixth sense about each other — or we were tuned in with the more spiritual side of our world. I had always thought it was passed on to the second child of each generation until my then five-year old cousin encountered her first "contact."

My uncle had just bought a new house and was well on his way in accomplishing the American Dream. He had a loving wife, a five-year old daughter who was very smart, and had a job that he enjoyed, and now their first house. But after a while things did not seem so perfect. The electricity seemed to be "bad" and fuses blew quite often. The sewer began backing up and a cool draft made for a very noisy house. My uncle worked and worked until everything seemed to be fixed, and that is where the story really begins.

My cousin sleeps with her mother and for some reason wasn't used to her new bed, so she slept with her mother. In her mother's bedroom there are two other doors, one leads to a very large walk-in closet, the other to a small bathroom that has a stand-up shower among other bathroom fixtures. For some reason the bathroom always stayed real cool no matter how high the heat was. My aunt always slept with the door open to the bathroom in case my cousin needed to use it or just for a little light to shine in the bedroom so Emily could sleep better. One night Emily woke her mom — she was standing up in the bed, shaking, and white as a ghost with a horrified look on her face just staring at the bathroom. My aunt tried to get her attention but Emily just kept on staring. Finally, my aunt got out of the bed and turned the light on at which time Emily finally responded by asking, "did you see her?" Her mother asked "Who?" and Emily went into great detail describing a young girl in a red coat. She explained that it looked like a soft coat and that the girl had long, shiny hair. The description was very detailed, like she knew her, and things that a normal five-year old wouldn't notice. My aunt — a little freaked out –0 dismissed the occurrence to her as a dream, but took it very serious. As my aunt drifted back to sleep she had noticed her clock had been reset and it stopped around one o'clock. The next couple of nights the same thing happened, and they kept happening until my aunt finally closed the bathroom off so it was not used anymore. But things didn't stop there…

During the summer I became a live-in nanny for my uncle. I watched my cousin late at night while they worked and slept in a spare bedroom. One night I was awakened by the presence of three beings standing beside my bed. They weren't mean, but nevertheless I was scared. The next morning I woke up and felt extremely good and well rested. Later, during the summer I was awakened again by another presence in the room, but this time it was not a very friendly vibe I received. That spirit was overtaken by an older spirit that had entered the room and turned the recliner across from my bed into an old-fashioned rocking chair. This older spirit began rocking and humming. At this point I felt very safe and fell back to sleep.

Since then my cousin has slept with her mom, and I have moved in with them. The lights flicker and the electricity in my room does not work at all regardless of what we do to it, but nothing major has happened in a long time. I'm just thinking that now the spirits know we are a part of the house, but we still don't use the back bathroom.

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