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Today we have a wave of new and old ghost hunting shows. The ghost hunting plumbers of TAPS to the British group crouching in the dark, freaking out at every noise. Is this good for the field of paranormal research? I think not.

Not only are we asked to believe that the TAPS guys are plumbers and paranormal investigators on top of husbands and fathers, they are represented by theatrical agents and are booked as speakers for events around the country. Twenty-four-hour days do not leave time for all of this, but the cult of wide-eyed innocents grows.

And as for Most Haunted, the faked possessions with fits a child finds funny because they’re so bad does terrible harm to the community. The public sees this and believes this is normal paranormal practices. If an event occurs, the impression is that we will arrive swinging dead chickens while reciting chants of, "Eanie beanie, chili beanie, the spirits are about to speak." Paranormal researchers do not break out in demonic possessive fits, and those who use those with gifts would find this distasteful.

This is not to attack anyone. It’s an appeal to keep it real. There’s more than enough mystery and wonder out there to amaze us all without faking anything. Any false claims degrades us all.

Wayne Harrup
Waynesboro Research Group

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