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Witness: Rosie
Location: South Boston, Virginia
Date of Encounter: October-November 2005

For as many years as I can remember until I was involved in car accident several years ago, I can remember having dreams of different future events involving me or others that I know that would come true. I just was never sure who it would be meant for until the event got closer. Something would trigger the dream and then I knew. Sometimes a place or a type of smell would do the trick.

Another instance for you: My best friend and I would be the only ones I would allow on my Ouija board for many years. Please believe some of them are very factual, just be careful of whom you talk to! It foretold me of a man with certain initials coming into my life, he did, and the initials didn't match at first, but later I found out his first and middle initials did… but all these things have ended since my accident and I don't know why. 

But if any one can help me with the following problem, I would be very appreciative for answers. 

I am not sure I would call these encounters, but the events have occurred in two separate homes in two different parts of the state. My first time, I was living in an old remodeled Victorian home built in the late 1890s. During February 2003 my husband at the time was at work. My two older daughters were sleeping downstairs at the time and my 10 month old daughter was in the bed with me upstairs. I was laying down with her trying to get her asleep on our bed. Close to the ceiling above my bed (next door was a bathroom with no pipes in the wall) I heard 3 distinct knocks. Naturally, I jumped out of bed to see what was going on. I never found an explanation. I moved out shortly after due to the bedroom door opening and closing by itself while my daughter and I watched. 

The next time it happened was in middle of October 2005. Once again my bedroom wall is next to the bathroom. Instead of hearing the 3 distinct knocks above my head, it was on the left side of the bed, this time my new husband was with me and he heard it. (Again no pipes in this wall either.) 

It has occurred again and this time I had put my children to bed and was watching TV alone. It was nothing scary mind you, but there again was the 3 distinct knocks, but this time it was on my window behind the TV. I have a street light in front of my home and there was no on the porch that night.

Can sometime please give me some idea of what it is I am experiencing?

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