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Witness: Marie
Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Date of Encounter: January 9 – June 23, 2004

My family and I had recently lost our home to a mortgage company and we were all very heartbroken and had an extremely grim outlook on life. We had to stay with family for a while and weren't sure when we could get back on our feet. I began looking for homes around town for rent. We looked around and saw many homes we liked but none were in our price range. I was beginning to give up until one day when I was reading the local newspaper. In the classifieds I came across a great deal almost to good to be true. The add featured a two story home, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms along with a huge yard for only $650.00 a month! So my family and I went to the listed address expecting to see a rundown home or something. Well it was the opposite of that. The house was huge and beautiful. The living room had an enormous fireplace and a Victorian style wooden spiral staircase that led upstairs. It was everything we wanted and more. We quickly signed a lease and moved in. But like they say, all good things must come to an end and believe me, they did. About two weeks after we had moved in my kids were afraid to sleep in their rooms saying there was a lady there. My two oldest daughters slept upstairs in the big master bedroom where the lady was said to be seen. Thinking they were just being silly, I made them sleep upstairs.

Well, trying to be a good mom, I slept upstairs one night and I soon believed them. There was a huge tub in the bathroom and it was gorgeous and had mirrors around it. That night I started felling sick so I went in the bathroom to take some Tylenol and I was getting some water from the sink when I looked up at the mirror and saw a young woman lying naked and crying in the tub! I freaked out and got my husband up and told him what had happened and he tried to calm me down. The next day we called our landlord and told her we had to break our lease. To our surprise she said it was ok and that she had problems keeping tenants. We asked why and she then unveiled the truth. She said sometime around 1972 or so, a girl about 17 years old had come home to find her boyfriend sleeping with her sister and she killed her sister and the boyfriend with a knife from the kitchen then went upstairs to her room and took a bath. Then she hung herself above the tub. We were in shock and a little angry that she had not told us. We began packing two days later. Things got worse over the next two weeks while we were in the home waiting to find a new location. We all began hearing sobbing and eerie noises. Finally moving day came and we all breathed a sigh of relief. That night my daughter and I were in the home alone cleaning and we were both really scared. We were almost done and were cleaning the bathroom when my daughter got up and ran to the door. She came back in tears and told me she heard someone calling her name and that she saw something. She never told me what she saw though. I still fill horrible for not believing my daughters.

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