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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Neiderwald, Texas
Date of Encounter: 1985

I have had many experiences of the supernatural sort, but I must tell you of the most horrible experience ever. As a child, my brothers and sisters and I had always been in trouble for things none of us had done. Something would be missing, or moved, and when our parents asked, none of us knew how it had happened. We would counsel with each other after our parents went away and admit who had really done it. But a lot of the times, it was none of us. Eventually, after hearing a lifetime of noises, feeling like someone was watching us, and being terrified at night, we got used to it and accepted that there was a ghost that liked to get us in trouble.

I think this spirit first came to us in Birmingham, Alabama. We moved many times, it seems this spirit followed us all over Alabama and Texas. It did take a while to catch up to us every time we moved — especially from Alabama to Texas.

When I was 15, when we moved to Neiderwald, Texas. My older siblings had moved out on their own by then. It was my parents, myself, and my brother. Things began to happen right away. Items being moved around, noises, terrifying nights full of that I'm-watching-you feeling. One night, I was awakened by something unknown, but I was too afraid to get up. My bed began to shake. When I did open my eyes I saw three witches, hags or whatever you want to call them. They circled around my bed at the ceiling of my room. They were either one entity split into three, or they were triplets, identical, and sinister. They circled me, laughing and chanting over and over, "You're mine, you're mine!" I finally yelled at them to go away and ran to my parents' room. My parents let me sleep on their floor, and gave me the family Bible for comfort. They didn't say then whether they believed me. When we got up in the morning, I felt very foolish. I had always tried to convince myself things like this were just my imagination. I apologized to my parents for disturbing their sleep and described in detail what had happened. No one really said anything, I think they thought I was ill or something and I could tell they were worried about me, but not really convinced anything supernatural had occurred. When my dad was leaving the house to go to work that day he yelled for us to come look. There was a 10-inch wooden cross nailed to the wall right by the front door. The nail was tacked to the very top of the cross. The cross was upside down on the nail! It had rotated on its own! We don't question these experiences anymore!

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