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Witness: Mindy
Location: Marble Falls, Texas
Date of Encounter: March 2006

I moved into my aunt's house at the beginning of last year. When I would visit her before I moved in, I never felt comfortable. I always felt like there was someone staring at me and watching my every move — especially in my room and in the living room. One morning around 2 AM I woke up to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is located on the other side of the hall, right in front of my room. If both doors are open you can see from one room to the other. I was in the bathroom and I felt like there was someone standing right behind me. I got goose bumps and the room became extremely cold. I just ignored it until I was about to walk out of the bathroom and I glanced into my room. Sitting right on my bed was a woman dressed in a nightgown. She didn't look real, she looked kind of like a doll, she was very pale. I only saw her for a few seconds before I ran to my aunt's room and started freaking out. I would not go into my room again that night.

The next morning my aunt and I were talking about the house, and the previous owners. She told me that a woman had died in the house. Her husband had suffocated her with a pillow until she died.

I believe this happened in my room. The house was added onto. It used to have just one bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and one bathroom. A laundry room and bedroom were added on. About three weeks later I woke up to a freezing room and my bed shaking. I ignored the cold and thought there was a dog on my bed scratching or something. I kicked around to see if one of them was on my bed and there wasn't. My bed was just shaking and shaking and shaking. I pulled the covers over my head and started crying. I knew there was something in my room. When it finally stopped shaking I heard the floor creak, like someone was walking on it, and coming toward one side of my bed. I opened my eyes and there was no one there. This is when I ran to my aunt's room again and started freaking out again.

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