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Witness: Christina M.
Location: Tampa, Florida
Date of Encounter: September 29, 2015

This story starts when I was very young. My mother was always said to be a part of the witchcraft community and things along those lines, and believed that I had a gift. I would always talk to my dead grandfather when I thought nobody was looking, but it was noticed pretty fast.

The talking stopped for about three years, then I moved to this big new house in Saint Cloud and things were a lot different for me. I started hearing people and seeing things that other people could not see. I saw men outside my window, a giant man with a wolf mask standing in front of my bed each night. I was about eight, and was still wetting the bed each night, scared from these visions.

After about a year they stopped, but I was always haunted by the memories of my visions. Although they had seemed to vanish. A couple years went by and I moved to a new house in Tampa. It was beautiful and right next to a beautiful nature reserve. I was in paradise, until we got about five months into settling in.

My visions were stronger, very vivid, and very real. I would see people walking around my house. The man with the wolf mask staring at me in my room. Then one day I sat down with my sister and explained what had been happening. She explained to me that my mother had worked in the dark arts and had obtained some supernatural gifts, that she had thought were just rumors. As soon as the conversation was over I had felt relived, someone had believed me! I went to grab my backpack and get started on my homework when he appeared. This time with a mask of an owl head. He screamed “LIAR!” and scared me into my sister’s room in a full panic.

After that we had consulted our friend who had experience in the spiritual arts. He had said I had a spirit attached to me and that it had wanted something, but he didn’t know what. So I considered what he said and went about my normal everyday life. I started having panic attacks, depression symptoms, anxiety attacks, and fits of rage throughout my day that had never happened before. I was terrified.

Doctors immediately put me on medication, but nothing helped. I was fine for a while, up until my 15th birthday. Which is what I’m writing to you about today. It still puzzles me, and I would like to know if anyone knows what this means!

I dreamt, very vividly I might add, that I was in my mom’s old house in Miami. The house was cut in half, and waiting down a long hallway for me was the wolf masked man. Only he had no mask. It was an alien-looking thing with horns dressed all white in a tuxedo. He chased me out into the driveway where my legs had seemed to stop working and had caused me to collapse. When I looked up he was waiting there for me. He knelt down and bit my feet, when he came up after biting them he was a handsome young man.

He said to me, “I just want to talk to you.” He was Caucasian, with black hair, and still wore that same tuxedo.
I looked over him and saw my cousin, who had always helped me with my panic attacks caused by visions of him, behind him with a knife. I told him about her, but asked that he would not hurt her. He shoved her away and helped me up from the ground. I was suddenly able to walk again when he led me into his car by the street. It was small and kind of beat up. We drove through these golden gates and arrived in his town.

All the people there stared at us, like they did in my hallucinations as an early child. He brought me to this apartment where he had three family members, all female. One very old, one very young, and one middle aged. I assumed they were his sisters. He had bought me some clothes to change out of and had let me shower, he insisted I slept in his bed while we talked for hours. About what I’m not so sure, but whatever it was made me feel so safe and secure. He tucked me in next to him, but when I woke up I was in my actual life again.

I woke up so happy from our time together, but so angry that it wasn’t my real life. The dream was so vivid I had forgotten completely about my family and responsibilities in the real world. Sometimes I cry so much because of how much I miss the man in my dream. His memory somehow clings to me. I usually never really care about my dreams, but this one stood out and let me escape everyday pains.
What does this all mean? Please tell me! If you have anything you’d like to tell me please comment below.

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  1. I can interpret this as a dream,if you like.You describe the setting as your mom’s old house,as opposed to your childhood home.This,in and of itself,is telling.Next,you say the place was split in half,or to put it another way,50% was missing.In discussing your childhood you never seem to mention male figures(except the family friend).Could it be you felt your life was incomplete or lacking a masculine presence?The wolf mask may represent some unconscious projection,perhaps instilled in you growing up,that men are dangerous or destructive.His calling you “LIAR” would seem to suggest a renunciation on your part of some unspoken pledge or promise made most likely to yourself earlier on in life.his bites your foot(the way an adult might do to an infant)but states his intention is just to talk with you.your female cousin appears with a knife,threatening him.But rather then warn her away you tell him not to hurt her,implying,once again,that men are regarded as deadly by the women in your family.He pushes her away then takes you to his hometown and apartment(not a house).The 3 women may stand in for the concept of matriarchy which still dominates your life.He tucks you into bed and talks to you about things you can’t remember.This seems more paternal than romantic casting him in the role of father figure instead of a suitor.Could you possibly be remembering an actual time or event in your life?Again,all I can do is speculate.

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