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Witness: Jeff Mozealous
Location: Easton, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: October 22, 2005

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Ghost picture - The White Lady of Easton, Connecticut

Early in the evening that night, a few friends and I listened to a lecture from the famous supernatural expert, Lorraine Warren and this inspired us to go out to one of the places she spoke of: Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut. 

Union Cemetery is home to a spirit referred to as the "White Lady." Some of the pictures and stories shown in the presentation were amazing, so we wanted to go there and experience something ourselves. At most I figured we would just go there, hang out for a bit, have a good laugh, and take some pictures. Never did I imagine that we would actually experience something. We walked up and down the isle taking random pictures with the lone disposable camera we had purchased earlier that evening. The following morning we got our pictures back and we were amazed by the amount of activity that came through on one of our photos.

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