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Witness: Beverly Zimnick
Location: Toms River, New Jersey
Date of Encounter: September 2003

My sister Marion passed away in 2003. The event, I'm told, was witnessed by my other sister. She would always look into the starry night and ask my deceased sister to give a sign that she was at peace. One day her husband said there was a beautiful white dove-like bird sitting on her car. My sister went out to chase it away gently, but the bird was unafraid or timid. It hopped on her window ledge and kept peeking in. It stayed there for quite a long time peeping as if to try to get into the house. Awhile after dinner, they noticed the bird was no longer outside anywhere to be seen. As my sister proceeded to do the dishes, the phone rang. My sister answered "hello?" With that on the other end of the line she heard a very gentle, peaceful sounding male voice ask her, "Hello, is Marion Dalley there?" Our maiden name was "Dalley," but my deceased sister's last name was Fantasia. My sister dropped the phone in disbelief and she called her husband who was sitting in the parlor to tell him of the phone call. My sister lives where no one knows of us as the Dalley kids, so who could've that been? She said she has never heard such a peaceful toned male voice in all her life. It was almost heavenly. My other sister was told of this event and told her a dove is a sign of peace and the voice on the phone may very well may have a messenger from heaven that my sister Marion "Dalley" is indeed at peace at last. 

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