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The Way of Four Spellbook: Working Magic With The Elements by Deborah LippThe Way of Four Spellbook: Working Magic With The Elements
By Deborah Lipp
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (April 2006)
Pages: 267 – Price: $16.95 review

Deborah Lipp is a popular Wiccan author and priestess. In this book she gives much detailed information with elemental magick in a structured spell. She covers spellcasting, power-raising, invisibility spells, and libido magick.

Nicely arranged, and logically presented, Lipp does the reader a great service by her straight-ahead approach with facts and how to do it! She lists spells and figures.

Chapter One is what elements are. She explains air, fire, water, earth, and the possible combinations. She is precise with the in-depth information on sylphs, salamanders, undines, and gnomes, and discusses the possibility of elemental overload. When she shares her knowledge about spellcasting, she brings home to the reader important points concerning the illusion of time and space, and power and intention. Lipp also gives a good discussion about ethical considerations!

Her book becomes more intricate as it moves along, building upon past material. She covers how to use the elements in spells. Appendix A covers spells, appendix B covers getting the material needed for doing designated spells, appendix C is an outstanding, well-conceived listing of the gods and goddesses from different cultures, such as Hindu (Durga, Shiva, Kali, Agni), Yoruban (Oshun, Oya, Shango), among many others.

A fine collection with many helpful approaches, this book should find a ready home in any library for its references, and instructions. Invoking and banishing pentagrams are also given, and illustrated. Lipp gives the reader a fine reading journey, filled with interest and education. 

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