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The Virgin Mary Conspiracy: The True Father of Christ and the Tomb of the Virgin by Graham PhillipsThe Virgin Mary Conspiracy: The True Father of Christ and the Tomb of the Virgin
By Graham Phillips
Publisher: Bear & Company (March 2005)
Pages: 280 – Price: $18.00

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Considering the paranormal interest in the Virgin Mary, this book will certainly be of interest. This book is sure to stir up controversy as it reveals the true father of Jesus Christ, and the actual tomb of the Virgin Mary. This book is a shocker!

The ten chapters with chronology is exciting reading. For a nonfiction book, this one reads like a thriller. Concise, well-written, and entertaining, this is an unusual book with it pages crammed-full of historical facts.

Chapter 8, “Avalon,” is a controversial chapter as is Chapter 10, “The Secret of the Grail.” The chronology and notes section will fascinate readers!

This is the true story of what became of the Virgin Mary after the Crucifixion. Mary died of a natural death and was originally buried in a tomb at Jerusalem’s Valley of Jehosaphat. Many scholars believe her final resting place was in the Roman ruins of Ephesus in Asia Minor. 

But in 1950,Giovanni Benedetti, a respected archaeologist with the Vatican Museum discovered a 4th century manuscript which directly indicated Mary had been successfully smuggled out of Palestine to an island located off of the west coast of Britain.

According to Benedetti’s findings, the first Bishop of England, St. Augustine, found Mary’s tomb there in 587 A.D. The pope, Gregory the Great, forbade the bishop to reveal the truth. This resulted in a conspiracy of silence from 587 A.D. through the present. This conspiracy of silence remains intact and unchanged.

As Benedetti was about to publish his findings, the Vatican advised him to discontinue his research immediately and then declared that it was the sacred view of the Catholic Church that Mary’s body ascended into heaven. This is known as the belief in Assumption and the doctrine foundation for the Assumption dogma, a successful lie perpetrated by the Vatican and forced upon the followers of the Catholic religion. This is a sad happening in the religious history of the Catholic Church.

The author of the book examines the historical Jesus in addition to discussing the location of Mary’s final resting place. The author states, based on his in-depth research and new findings, that Jesus was the son of Antipater, the son of Herold, and by right of birth, the true heir to Herod’s throne. Thus, the title given to Jesus, “King of the Jews.” 

Congratulations to the author on a fine book and accurate research. Graham Phillips lives in England. He is the author of The Chalice of Magdalene, among other books.

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