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Witness: Cheryl
Location: San Rafael, California
Date of Encounter: Early 2006

Similar to other experiences I've read on this site, I had a "tall man" encounter. I was lying in bed one night when I started to feel a "buzzing." The best way to explain it is as if an entire hive of bees is flying toward you, the buzzing starts out in the distance and then gets closer. When it gets to me, it wraps itself around me and does that pinning-you-to-the-bed-shaking-you thing that is decidedly not pleasant. This has happened to me a few times, and I have started to get the impression this is an overzealous way to get my attention. So when this happens I have started asking that it stop pinning me down, which seems to work.

After the shaking stopped, I looked over toward the door to my bedroom and there was a very tall man standing in the hallway, rapping on the door to get my attention. He was dressed in blue jeans and a flannel shirt and had dark hair and a beard, he reminded me of a lumberjack. I tried to get up to go to him, but he put his hand out as if to say "stop" and I physically was unable to get out of bed.

The next thing I knew, there was a gentleman standing next to my bed. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue button-down shirt, and had a very distinctive scar running from the left side of his mouth, arched down and stopping at the bottom of his chin. He was sort of rubbing his neck with his chin up in the air, and I knew he was communicating to me that he died by choking. He non-verbally communicated that I should tell "Nancy" that he loved her. After he went away and I was able to move, I realized that I had been in the lucid dreaming state, where you're dreaming but conscious. Lucid dreaming is really neat to experience.

As I write this, the names Ann and Paul keep popping into my head. To my knowledge, I had never met this person before that night, nor do I know if he is Paul (although I get the feeling that he is), and I don't know who Nancy or Ann are. I figure one day I'll tell the story and someone will tell Nancy or Ann (who knows, maybe the name is Nancy-Ann) that he loves her. (I do see the "I see dead people" Sixth Sense parallel, maybe M. Night is on to something.)

I had originally thought that the tall man and "Paul" were the same person, but after reading the other tall man stories, I know that he was the gatekeeper, so to speak. Had I freaked out about the buzzing or his presence, he would not have let Paul in my room. I also know that he was blocking to door to my little girl's room, which is right next to ours, so that Paul could not go in there. Sort of freaky, but quite nifty at the same time.

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