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Witness: Michael Wright
Location: Milton, Florida
Date of Encounter: December 31, 2007

ghost picture in Milton, Florida

It was about 11:45 PM on December 31st — New Years Eve in Milton, Florida. Everybody in the neighborhood was out having fun getting ready to bring in the new year. Kids were shooting of firecrackers making noise, and screaming — just having a good old time. Myself, I was walking around my property talking to my ghosts or spirits on our land. We have been here for the last 16 years and our land was once a slave cemetery, but the headstones were removed, but not the graves. We do have haunting goings on here a lot. Spirits do interact with us all the time, either in photos, or in the house. Well I was outside talking to them about the New Year and how we might have a new black president of the United States of America. I told them if that happens, I will let them know. Well, I was sitting behind the old storage building in a chair and all of sudden I heard the fireworks going off like crazy. So I knew the New Year had come. I wished the spirits a Happy New Year, and then later I snapped a lot of pictures, and just before I went into my house, I thanked all of my spirits for letting me take their pictures, and for letting me live on their property, that I loved them all, God Bless them, and go with God. Then I went inside of the house and I started to download my pictures. I noticed that one picture that I took behind the storage building where I told the spirits happy new year, there is some ectoplasm, and just to the right of the mist, near the middle of the picture is a large number 8. That's when I realize the number 8 must have been a welcome of the New Year from the Spirits. Now, if you look into the ectoplasm in the top left you might well see a little boy face with a cap on his head, and below him in the ectoplasm on the bottom corner, you might see one or two faces of little girl's or something. I'm not sure. But you can see the number 8 as clear as a bell. If you would like to come down and visit my property there are motels within 3 miles of my home. We are right off of the Interstate-10 east-bound of Pensacola, Florida, and easy to get to. We accept appointments at night. It doesn't cost anything, it's free. Just positive energy only! For appointments call: 850-623-4460.

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