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Witness: SPJ
Location: Flagler Beach, Florida
Date of Encounter: July 30, 1978-1979

Early in 1978 a long time gal-pal and I rented a house together. From almost the first week that we moved in, strange things started happening. For instance, we had a buffet in our dining room where we would "park" our purses, car keys, etc. These things would disappear from time to time only to show up in odd places like the linen closet or kitchen cabinets. We would also find one or the other's makeup in these cabinets at times. Almost every morning we would waken to all of the kitchen cabinets flung open! After a while we started blaming the other for pulling pranks. Since she worked days and I worked nights we were not often home together. I began to notice a loud banging in the living room wall that backed the kitchen every now and then. Sometimes the noise would be so loud as to wake you out of a dead sleep, other times as soon as I would walk in the door from work, the knock came almost as a greeting.

One day when we were both home our ghost let out a loud "greeting." Something she (I felt like it was a she) had never done before. At the same time we both looked at each other and said, "I've been hearing these strange sounds in the wall." We started trading our experiences and discovered we both were greeted by our ghost but never when we were home together. After that we carried on a sort of conversation with her — i.e., she would knock and we would answer, "Hello," to which she would knock twice — that sort of thing. One day when I was home alone and standing at the bathroom mirror I saw reflected in the glass a young girl with long blonde hair wearing what looked like a long white nightgown and she was crying. All of this was happening over my shoulder so I spun around, but no one was there. Our girl had shown herself! One other time I saw the same image in our glass sliding doors. This went on for about two years. Then a man who later became my husband moved in and we were expecting a baby. At that time we decided to stop talking to her every time she knocked. She would continue to wake us up late at night and I kept telling her to go away and eventually she did. Twenty-two years later I have heard from the family that lives there now that "our girl" is still busy opening cupboards and knocking on the wall! 

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