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Witness: Rachel L. Mullis
Location: Lumber City, Georgia
Date of Encounter: Summer 2005

My Grandmother's house has been a hotspot for some extremely odd occurrences over the years. In all of them, my Grandmother and/or I were present in the house. Her house, which was built 14 years ago, has had no negative history at all. No one died in its construction, which is why I'm not sure why things have happened in the house. I do know that Native Americans walked the land there because various family members have found artifacts on the grounds in years past. 

Since there have been several unexplained incidences, I will talk about only the ones that have happened most recently, starting with the three that affected me personally the most.

It was a warm summer night and I was sitting around bored. I got to noticing that there was lightning up in the clouds, but no rain, and I immediately recognized that it was an electrical storm. So, without hesitation, I found the Coleman lantern my grandparents kept in a closet and headed outside to watch the lightning. Tagging along with me was my Jack Russell Terrier, Buck. I went out to the dock and sat down and turned the lantern off. I settled back and I guess it was about thirty minutes later that I noticed something across the pond from me. When I directed my full attention to it, I realized that it was an orb floating along the tops of the 9 foot pines. As I watched, it floated at that same height for several feet until it disappeared behind two willow trees. Well, I was weirded out because I knew that it couldn't be a bug or anything reflecting from inside the house. Thinking it was just a fluke, I turned my attention back to the lightning. Then, my dog stood up, hackles raised, and he was growling deep in his throat. I followed his gaze to the corner of the pond and saw that the orb was still floating at the same height, only it was steadily moving around the corner to the dam — which then would have led to me. I freaked out and ran inside. I have yet to see it again. 

The second encounter which I experienced scared me beyond anything I've ever known. Everyone was gone that day — my grandfather had been hospitalized in Savannah and my grandmother was there with him. My mom and I had gone to the house to check on everything, then Mom left to take Grandma some clothes leaving me with the 3 dogs we own. That was a Saturday. Late that afternoon, a massively severe thunderstorm blew through. I was sitting in the large living room at the dining table, writing a story. The power only flickered once and never went out. After an hour of the storm, it moved on and everything grew quiet. (All the yard people who had been working had left during the storm.) As I sat there working, a very loud masculine scream came from the area of my grandparents' room. All three of my dogs were up from their sleep in a flash. Their ears were perked up and two of them were growling. I myself had jumped up out of my chair. I ran outside the house to see if it had been one of the yard workers, but came to realize that they had gone home. So, I went back in the house and stood anxiously in the middle of the living room, facing the room the scream had issued from. I told whatever had done it to either show itself or go away and leave me in peace. I sat back down and heard nothing after that, though the dogs remained on alert until my mom came back. 

The final encounter that I had was the coolest ever. I was visiting my grandparents during a long weekend and I was in desperate need of doing laundry — especially when I discovered all my sleeping clothes were dirty. So, after getting a midnight shower, I dressed in regular clothes and took all my sleeping wear downstairs to the laundry room. I didn't want to wake up anyone, so I moved as quietly as I could. I got all my clothes in the washer and got it going and headed back upstairs. After a couple of hours, I went downstairs to transfer the clothes to the dryer. Again, not wanting to wake up anyone accidentally, I left all the lights off because I knew the layout of the room by heart. I got to the laundry room and turned on that light and saw that the lid of the washer was standing open….and the tub was filled with water. (I asked my Grandma the next morning if she had done that and she said no.) So, I closed the lid and it went into the spin cycle. Slightly annoyed, but also quite ecstatic, I turned to leave the laundry room and saw that there was a lamp that had been turned on while I had been preoccupied with the laundry. I definitely knew it couldn't have been a person who did it because I would have heard them turn it on. I walked through the room, turned off the lamp and went upstairs and wound up sleeping in the day clothes I was wearing.

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