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Witness: Ciji Young
Location: Yazoo City, Mississippi
Date of Encounter: Summer 2005

I live in central Mississippi in a small town where old homes reign. The home my husband and I live in is over 120 years old. It's a historical home that was used for the infamous Underground Railroad. My home is also home for a very sweet slave family. Whatever happened to those poor people, I don't know know. They are a mother, father, two daughters at about the age of 4 and 12, and a boy of about 10.

I always knew there was something about this house. It wasn't so much as scary, you just knew that you weren't alone. It's like you walk into an empty room and the hairs just stand up on the back of your neck. It's more sad than scary. The first time we had an appearance, my husband and I were sitting on our front porch having drinks one night in the summer. I went in the house for some thing. When I came back out he said, "Babe, you'll never believe what I just saw…" He looked very shaken. He went on to tell me that after I had gone into the house he felt a presence behind him and thought it was me. He looked up and there was this shadowy figure of a tall black man, barefoot with slave-type clothes on. He said that he waved and disappeared right in front of his face. I believed him because I have always been infatuated with scary ghost stories and spirits. So as we were discussing what had happened there was like this bluish, whitish haze materializing right next to us and I have to admit it scared the bejeezus out of me at first! But when it cleared, the slave had brought his whole family! They were just standing there with this look on their faces and get this the little girl actually spoke! She actually had her foot in her hand! As in her foot was separate from her body. She spoke more to my husband than to me… she said, "Help me" just as plain as day. I had turned to stone right there. I looked over and he just had tears in his eyes, he said, "Baby, I can't help you." It was heartbreaking. They stood there for a minute longer and faded away.

Every since then we have had sightings, I have actually been touched by the little boy. I have my own personal library in our front room and one day I was looking for a book to read and as I was looking I just felt this cold caress down my arm and there he was! That's where I always see him. He's always around my books. I guess he likes books. The two little girls are more mischievous than he is. They love to hide things, they also love to play with my husband's feet. They are beautiful children but I wonder what happened to them to cut their life so short? It saddens me to think of someone doing that to those people. We rarely see the parents. But we like our ghosts, they're very sweet. 

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