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Witness: Nicole M. Ross
Location: North Portland, Oregon
Date of Encounter: March 2002

My parents moved into a new home while I was away in Job Corps. The landlady kicked out the last tenants and allowed my family to move into it. By the time I got out of Job Corps I was 17. The basement of the house was an unfinished apartment (with a kitchen, bath, and living room) so I decided to make it my room away from my annoying little sisters. The whole house gave me the creeps, but after a month I had gotten to settle in. 3 months had passed by without a hitch. On one certain night I had kicked my cats outside an hour before planning to go to bed. When I went to bring them in, none of them came when I called, so instead of waiting I went to bed. All of a sudden I woke up. I couldn't tell if it was day or the middle of the night… I was laying on my stomach, my head turned to see straight down to my feet. I froze when I saw something at the foot of my bed. My eyes had locked on with another set of eyes, not evil, but not alive. Even in my frozen state I could see she was bent over my bed with one of her hands looming over my feet. She slowly pulled her hand back as she stood up. She turned to leave my room, but disappeared before fully exiting. It took me 5-10 minutes before I got the gulls to race upstairs. I didn't tell my parents until after a few days.

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