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The Serpent Myths of Ancient EgyptThe Serpent Myths of Ancient Egypt
By William Ricketts Cooper
Publisher: Ibis Press (February 2005)
Pages: 90 – Price: $10.95 review

This is Cooper’s serpent masterpiece. Cooper (1843 – 1878) investigated the major role of serpent myths in ancient Egypt with remarkable insight. It is good to have this vastly illustrated book once again in print for reference.

Covering numerous aspects of life and death, each illustration is explained as to where it fit within the ancient Egyptian perspective. An interesting appendix is included which will delight readers of the supernatural!

Rather than list names and roles, it is suggested you purchase this small book for reference in your home library. The book will give you a grand tour and explanation of the role of the serpent, and it is a memorable reading experience. 

The illustrations are hard to find, which makes this an even more important reference book on serpent myths of ancient Egypt. 

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