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Witness: Sharon Chelotti
Location: Wareham, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: 1984

I am an experienced ghost and demon hunter — that is a big claim, but I can offer eyewitnesses if needed.

I want to share my first real encounter. I was 15 and my family saved for months to rent a vacation home on Cape Cod. It was in the little village of Wareham near Onset, and the whole area was made up of vacation homes. When we got there, I was excited and immediately ran into the house only to run through a wall of cold. The cold "got in" and took over my mind. I was pushed to the back of my mind and this other being thought through me and touched things with my body. The entity actually held a conversation with me about what she remembered things being like in her day. The strangest part of this was that my vision changed. I wear glasses, but she took them off. Also, all colors paled into a weird black and white vision — I was terrified. No matter how I squirmed I could not break loose. My mother called me outside, and as she went to see who my mother was, my body crossed the threshold of the door and the entity was popped out. I was panicked, but what could I do? Saying nothing, I built a wall up in my head that said simply, "No." When my little brother and sister went upstairs, they soon came down screaming that a dead hand had reached in to the open window. I had not told anyone about my encounter, but my "No" strategy was working, so I cradled them in my arms and said, "No," to the ghost for them as well. My baby sister was stationed in a crib in my room. She often woke up around 2 or 3 A.M. screaming. I got good at waking up when the presence got near and throwing my protective "No" over the baby too.

We had so much poltergeist activity in that house! Like the salt and pepper shakers would fly off the fridge and onto the table. My Mom would put things away, turn around, and they would be back. We also experienced knocks, footsteps, and bad smells. And when my cousin came to visit, he stuck his head through the open window that lead from the TV room to the porch — a window that was so jammed all three of us could not budge it — and it slammed down on his head. 

At the end of the week I finally told my Mom about the encounter I had. She believed me and went to see the realtor we had leased the house from. He casually told us that the reason we got the house so cheap was because it was haunted — a woman had been murdered there 20 years ago.

We rented that house out a couple more times. Since we knew it was haunted, we would say hello to the ghost (my Mom felt bad for her) when we got there. It was never easy for me, as she often tried to get into my head, or talk to me. I built up my Auric protection from that experience, but I was very afraid of ghosts for a long time afterwards. As will happen, ghosts were very interested in me. Then demons started being put in my path. It is one thing to believe in ghosts, but it took much convincing and hand wringing to accept that there are demons. For every encounter with the demonic, I have had to reach deeper into old myths and religious writings to tease out what the ancients knew. I have encountered the Angelic and Devic beings as well.

I am not a devoted Catholic, although I was raised to be. That path never held answers for me… or I should say not enough answers. Yet I became an Ordained Minister of Universal Light. I know there is a great Spiritual Mind — a Great Source, and sometimes that source appears to me as female, sometimes male, sometimes both, or neither. I died a few times as a child, due to what I now know was demonic attacks. When I gave birth to my daughter, I had complications and bled to death. That journey took me to the Great Source. In a word — to love. But not love as an attachment to a person, idea, or pet, love as an infinite ocean of creation. I was immersed in this oceanic experience while the Great One "spoke" to me. it was really more like receiving direct knowing. He (She) said it was my choice to go back or move on, that I had had a hard life (in addition to my non-stop illnesses, I had been abused in every sense of the word) and it was fine to let go. My children would do fine without me. I was needed, but not necessary. If I chose to go back, however, I would be sent teachers and would fulfill certain duties for the balance. I would be a teacher and healer and have the tools and gifts I needed as such. In this place I had no ego, or desire. I was awash in love. I looked down at my daughter — not 3 minutes old — and chose to go back for her and my son.

As was told to me, within a year my teachers showed up. Also the demons showed up. Those first few years were dedicated to clearing out my mind and personal history. As I came to know my personal demons, a correlating "world demon" would make itself known. At first I did nothing but observe, and clear myself. After practicing Mindfulness for nearly 8 years, and having the help and teachings of a Medicine Man, a Buddhist Nun, a master therapist, and a couple of Gurus, the universe gave me the nod and people literally started showing up at my doorstep.

I worked with people on many levels for many years. I worked with hauntings and cast out some demons from buildings. I have not done an "exorcism" yet as one has not been put in my path, and I do not go searching for these things. I cannot say I would know where to begin, but for the grace of God's guidance. I have trapped destructive forces and banished them or helped them transmute. The people involved always have dramatic changes — even the ones who don't know what happened. I have had "spiritual duals" with practitioners of dark arts and removed hexes and lesser demonic attachments. 

But, the hunter can become the hunted. I caught some backlash from a few entanglements that involved black magic and ghosts that snuck into my car and followed me home. Before I knew what hit me, I was really sick with an undiagnosable problem of my nervous system.

I had to leave the city, move to Vermont and get involved with horses to ground me and bring my being back to life. For the last 3 years, I have done nothing but heal, and surround myself with nature. Some very tricky forces have challenged me here, as Vermont is ripe with hauntings and strange energies, but I have not worked with the public more than a few times.

Now, I am ready again. I am also ready to learn some new things. I would love to talk to others who have had any experiences like my own. Please feel free to contact me.

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