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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Bushnell, Illinois
Date of Encounter: October 20, 2000

When my grandma died when I was 12, the whole family got together. We all stayed in her old house because it was the only one big enough to hold us all. I was never really comfortable sleeping there because my mom used to tell me stories of things she saw at night while she was growing up.

That night I was sleeping on the floor of my mom's old room when the door to the room cracked open and the light from the hall was shining in my face. My vision was blurred from just waking up, but it looked as though someone was looking in on me and then turned and walked down the hall. I got up to see who it was, but there was no one there. I walked to the stairs and I could hear the rocking chair moving in the living room. The living room had all wood floors so it creaked and made a grinding noise. As I started down the stairs, the living room came into view and there was no one in the chair. It was rocking on its own. I thought maybe someone had just got up, but as soon as I got closer it stopped abruptly and scooted back as if someone got up quickly. I ran upsatairs and locked the door because I got a bad feeling. I got an upset, angry feeling from that and it scared me how strong it was. I only went back to her old house once, back in late 2006, when it was being torn down and those same feeling came over me yet again.

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