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The Psychic Energy Codex: Awakening Your Subtle Senses by Michelle BelangerThe Psychic Energy Codex: Awakening Your Subtle Senses
By Michelle Belanger
Publisher: Weiser Books (July 2007)
Pages: 264 Price: $19.95 review

Michelle Belanger is the author of The Psychic Vampire Codex, among other titles. A well-known energy worker and psychic vampire, she is the founder and head of House Kheperu. A popular speaker, she has been a guest on many programs including the History Channel. She has been studying magick and metaphysics for over twenty years.

With her The Psychic Energy Codex, Michelle Belanger shares with the readers much information and insights in the form of a working manual for psychic development. The book is clearly written and understandable.

What Michelle Belanger successfully does in her book is to de-mystify psychic experience. She provides numerous hands-on exercises for the readers.

If you have not read Michelle Belanger’s writings, this would be a fine introduction. She writes well, and she writes honestly about what she knows and wants to share with readers in a concise, highly imaginative style. The book contains fifteen chapters. Among the topics covered are the human aura, techniques of visualization, and starting a study group.

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