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Witness: Olivia Brock
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date of Encounter: January 22, 2010

My old house that I used to live in with my mother, step father, sister, brother, and three step siblings, was an old, large house. Everything seemed fine with the house when we first moved in, but after we got settled I felt uneasy and uncomfortable — especially when I would have to walk from my room down the large long dark hallway to the bathroom. The place in the house that I felt most uneasy about was the bottom of the staircase. I would always hesitate to look at it in case something was there.

One day me and my friend were sitting in the lounge room which when you look out the door, gives you a direct view to the bottom of the stairs. Me and my friend were having a chat, relaxed as ever, when my friend casually looks to the side and out the door and screams! I could instantly tell that this wasn't a put on scream. It was a scream for something that takes you by surprise and terrifies you. What freaked me out the most was it was broad daylight.

My friend leapt up and ran out of the house. I ran out after her and ask her what's wrong. She calmed down and explained to me that she saw and old woman at the bottom of the stairs with her head down and her hand on the banister.

My friend's not the only person to see things. There is a window that looks to the upstairs and you can see in from downstairs. My brother has seen figures moving across the window many times before. I started feeling so uncomfortable about the hallway that you walk down when you go through the front door that I used to climb through my window to avoid having to do it.

Then one night we all experienced something. Everyone was asleep, all the lights were off in the house, and it was silent. Then for no apparent reason the TV in the lounge room turned on full blast static. My sister awoke (she was closest to the lounge room) screaming and ever since, everyone has felt uneasy in that house. We always feel a presence of something.

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