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Witness: Chris
Location: Clyman, Wisconsin
Date of Encounter: 1990

When I was in the seventh grade, my family moved to Clyman, Wisconsin to an old school house. The owners had given us all a tour of the property shortly before we moved. During the tour, the owners casually mentioned the "poltergeist room." My dad became leery at this point as we had multiple paranormal experiences prior to this, and he asked for an explanation.

The owners laughed it off and explained that the first night they had lived in the house, they heard all kinds of noises coming from what could only be called a canning closet that was just off of the bedroom in the basement. Thinking it was mice or rats, they didn't think much of it and swore that nothing like that had ever happened afterwards.

My parents took the basement room and placed my mother's large vanity directly in front of the door to the "poltergeist room." The vanity completely covered the door and you would never know it was there unless you had seen it before.

A few months after we moved in my other brother Jim and his wife and three year old daughter came to stay with us for a bit. Jim and his wife were staying in my brother's room, and my brother was staying in my room with me. My niece spent the night in my parents' room with my mother while my father was on the road.

My mother woke me up around 3:30 AM and asked me to go sleep with my niece because she was about ready to leave for work and didn't want to leave her alone. I went downstairs and promptly went back to sleep. An hour or so later my niece woke me up. She was crying and telling me that she had a bad dream about the boogeyman. I was still half asleep and basically said, "Oh, did you?" She replied that, "He was coming after me and he came through that door there," and pointed directly at the mirror that was covering the door to the poltergeist room! At this point I was wide awake and flying up the stairs with my crying niece in my arms. We went back into my room and threw the blankets over our heads and stayed there until her parents woke up. Other things happened in that house, but nothing there scared me as much as that day, and I never went downstairs by myself for the rest of the two years that we lived there.

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