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Witness: Josh Stanley
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: August 16, 2004

This occurrence, I recently found out is called Old Hag Syndrome. This phenomenon has occurred since my early teens. This most recent encounter however, was also the most severe.

The other night I awoke to the covers tightening around my feet. I immediately sensed the all-too-familiar presence. Within seconds, the presence had complete control of my body. My vocal chords were silenced, and I could not move a muscle. The feeling of panic grew to be almost too much to bear. The strange thing about this occurrence, was that instead of the usual pressure that I have almost always felt in this situation, the presence had actually grabbed hold of my waist, and was lifting me. Consequently, my body was in an arched position. There I remained for what must have been 45 seconds without being able to move, or make a sound. I was actually being lifted out of my bed! This opposite feeling of being pulled rather than pushed was certainly something new for me, and I am quite curious to hear of whether or not someone has experienced a similar state in relation to Old Hag Syndrome. I have read countless accounts of the medical community trying to pass off this occurrence with a rational, physiological explanation. However, given the countless times that this happens to me every year, I know when I am fully awake, and further, when a presence is near. If anyone has experienced this, please email me with your story.

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