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Witness: Jessie
Location: Indiana
Date of Encounter: 1991-2002

When I was nine years old my family moved into an old two-story farm house in the country. When we moved into this house it was at least a hundred years old. This house was in need of repairs, but my mother could see this place was going to make a perfect, happy home. It ended up being a haunted home as well. 

My mom was at the house one night painting and cleaning so we could move in. She heard foot steps on the stairs, and then it sounded as if someone was running upstairs. She got scared and went and got a neighbor to check it out, but they found nothing. Then, my mom had opened cans of paint on the kitchen table and was working in the other room. She heard something fall in the kitchen, and when she went into the kitchen all of the paint was knocked off the table. She never told us what happened to her until years later. We finished painting and cleaning the house and moved in.

My sister was just over a year old when we moved into this haunted house. She would sit in her crib in her room upstairs, look up, and just talk away. Yet there was never anyone there. This also happen downstairs in the living room. I was always hearing footsteps and would tell my parents about them. I was very afraid of my bedroom, which was also located upstairs. I felt as if I was being watched, and my mom always had to sit in my room at night until I fell asleep because I was so scared of my bedroom. My parents told me after we moved out they heard footsteps on the stairs too, but didn't want us kids to be scared so they never said anything. I can remember having my friends stay the night one weekend. We were at the top of the stairs in the reading room where my parents had an old record player. We decided to dance to the old records my mother had. We were just dancing away when the music stopped. The record player was no longer plugged in. We plugged it back in, but it wouldn't work. My father ended up moving the record player to a different room and it worked in there. Come to find out later on, where we had the record player plugged in the outlet had never been wired up. So, how did it work? I can also recall many times going to sleep and waking up to the feeling of being watched. Also, waking up to what felt like someone else laying in your bed with you. There was several occasions where you felt as if someone had brushed past you. We have many family photos with strange circles and rings in them. I guess sometime after we had moved out my mother found out that our house was haunted by an old aunt who had once been brought there to die. She had died in my bedroom, and that was the reason I felt as if someone was always watching me. Several couples have moved into and back out of our old house. They all claim it is haunted, and they feel as if they are being watched. The house is on the market for sale right now. Several people have looked at it, but no one has wanted to buy it. Before the house went on the market for sale, the couple living there moved out in a hurry. They said, "I feel as if I am being watched even when I take a bath or shower, and I feel like someone is sleeping in my bed with me, but I am alone."

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