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Witness: Margaret
Location: Neptune City, New Jersey
Date of Encounter: July 16, 2003

The year that I moved into my current residence, I always had a feeling that something was a bit off, to the point that I didn't even want to move in. But I was pregnant with my second child and this house was affordable.

Immediately after I moved in, strange things starting happening. My husband at the time (soon to be ex-husband) took off his wedding ring to wash the dishes in the sink. He put the ring on the window sill that is above the sink. After he was done, he went to reach for it and it was gone. We looked everywhere and could not find it. Two weeks later, I was getting ready to leave for work, I picked up my car keys off the counter, and I heard a noise on the floor. When I looked down, there was his wedding ring.

Another time, my brother was visiting from out of town, and he made a comment about how he liked the new house. All of a sudden, one of my six wick candles flew off the top of the TV and narrowly missed hitting my brother in the head!

I still hear strange noises now and then, but ever since my husband left its been a lot calmer. I guess the ghost, spirit, whatever it was, didn't like men.

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