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Witness: Rob
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date of Encounter: April 2002-2003

I have lived in apartments my whole life but that all changed April 22, 2002. My parents bought their very first house and it was a wonderful three-bedroom, two-bath home with big backyard and a pool. Within two months of my family moving in, weird things began to happen.

One experince was that me and my mom both heard a baby crying in my brother's room. When we went in there he was fast asleep but we still heard the cyring. This happened repeatedly through the course of five months.

Then the scariest thing happened to me. I was trying to get some sleep after getting off from school when I saw a figure of a man standing in my door. He had long hair and he wore a purple jacket with jeans. I could not see his face at all, but I knew he was staring at me.

I yelled for my parents and when my dad came in, the man disappeared. After telling my parents what happened, my mom decided to do some research on our house and she discovered that a little girl had died in the pool and a man hanged himself in the doorway of my room. After she found this out she had my grandmother do a blessing in the house and so far nothing has happened that I'm aware of.

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