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Witness: Farkhell_23
Location: Haunted School Bathroom, Philippines
Date of Encounter: May 2011

There were rumors that our school was home to paranormal activity, but being a realistic, I didn't waste my time believing it.

But one day, me and my friends went to the CR, or school bathroom. ("CR" is what we call it in the Philipines). We remembered the myths about our campus and we joked with each other about such things.

We were preparing to return to our respective rooms. Then, I saw a hand. I thought that it was just one of our classmates, so I pulled it. But when I did, my hand just went through the other hand!

I also felt some strands of my hair go up. We hurriedly ran to our classrooms. After that encounter, we never went back to the bathroom until after we graduated!

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