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The Child's Room by Frank Grace
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Name: John Wong
Location: New York, New York
Date: August 1975

I was 5 years old and we had just moved to a new apartment and for reasons I don’t recall, my brother, sister, mother and I slept on a bamboo mat on the floor. I awoke sometime in the morning to see my mom sleeping to my right. This was weird as I was sure she slept on the other side of the mat. I bumped her and she woke and glared at me. I then tried to go back to sleep. Sometime later, I awoke to see a full bodied apparition of a girl standing in front me, glaring at me. I could see through her and a sense of fear overwhelmed me, and I was paralyzed. I closed my eyes and eventually drifted off to sleep. Unbeknownst to me, this was the start of a tortuous childhood of frequent nightmares leading to sleep paralysis. Somehow, I managed to survive the attacks, and eventually moved out when I was 25. The most accurate book on the sleep paralysis attacks that I faced is by Robert Bruce in The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide. He is spot on on this topic. Somehow, “the Neg” was able to use thought projection to cause me to have nightmares, which inevitably led to a sleep paralysis attack. There are other stories/experiences I have had. I don’t know why I seem to be a magnet for negative paranormal experiences.

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  1. I have had something similar but then good.
    in my case she was friendly, and I felt I could completely trust her like trusting my real self.
    some times however I still wonder many thigns. like some other encounters, or who she is, and if many other cases might have been her, or perhaps if it is me somehow or something like that(quite some people who knew me reported seeing some kind of gohst, spirit, or light being that looked like me(or actually how I would later look(and I would actually look just like that), this might seem strange, however I can do things and could do things and am something and have been things that would make it rather possible for me to do such things when alive conciously or subconciously such as when asleep, as well as to be there from other places and times)

    but I learned a lot from her, she also tried to help me many other times and warn me for many things that would happen in the future, past or other moments. I also learned far more essential things from her that I couldn’t learn from humans. often I used to see her like a fae, fairy, elf, angel, dragon, or something like that. just someone strongly magical so much that you could just feel her and trust her completely.
    however most cases where I was pretty sure it was her where in speciffic circumstances and such.
    many other cases I am not sure since they either might have been short or I might have been blind in those moments.
    for example one time when I was really young I was in a place in my room to turn of a light(it wasn’t really dark I think). when I was there I suddenly got something like a flash moment. almost like a vision, I was someone else, seemed to be in white and the room was very bright as well not only in normal light but also some more energy like. it was really short so I don’t remember to much but I know in that flash I was someone who was physically not who I was back then(in body, so for example bigger or older and some other things), back then I was quite suprised by it somehow and felt like remembering it, but I didn’t know what. I thought perhaps it was some kind of gohst from who’s eyes I saw things or from who I saw a memory. or that it perhaps was a achronic distortion which caused me to see and experience experiences from someone in another Time, possibly due to accidentally doing the exact same thigns in the exact same way or such, or something more random, back then I thought it might have been from the people who lived here before us, I thought perhaps it was her just before marriage or such, but I didn’t really know them and don’t know how they looked.
    later however I noticed it might have been her, that fae/fairy/elf/angel/dragon/spirit that I more often saw, since whoever I experienced from in that moment was a whole lot like her.
    but now the next thing which I also doubt about, perhaps it was me, since I noticed I look a lot like her now, also in feeling and behaviour I sometimes are quite a lot like her. there are some more private things as well that make it even more possible.
    also some other person who knew/had encountered her(or atleast someone like her) noted to me that I was just like her.

    however I also have many moments I feared the gohst or gohstlike things I encountered. and I was lucky to be born at a portal place and also live there(essentially I was born at a speciffic crosspoint of leylines and the place of my bed there was in/on the edge of one such powefull spots they create. this spot however unlike most others which are big but airy this one was smaller but super dense. I used to see things like 3d shadows or just energy thigns coming through it at night and going back in sometimes as well. one time I even saw something behind it but how and that story is something that might not be smart to talk about to much online.

    also in my case I have accidentally used thought projection, and accidentally caused others to be able to do it and accidentally do it. so I am quite much like such spirits.

    it might be smart however to focus on trying to see or feel what they want or want you to see or understand. in general however follow your feeling it is often true.
    so if you feel like you should get the hell out of a place then you probably should.
    I once where in a place that seemed like a treasure room. someone dear to me and her friends showed me a old bunker they had found in some forrest under some trees and leaves. it was untouched from the inside so the things from back then still where there(war bunker). in general as a child you might sometimes go searching entire days in the hope that the very small chance that you find one of such things might come true. but there there was still so much and in great quality, like some people just where there and somehow disapeared the moment before we came in. however when the others left I felt some really strong feeling of that something there was seriously wrong as if some dark presence was there or something like that. then that dear friend of mine came back and told me those words:”follow your feeling it is often true”.
    I directly knew what she meant with it, she has this way of hardly ever saying anything and when she says it is often not to direct. but you can just feel and understand exactly what she says and means.
    most likely she only took me there just to teach me that one thing, so she and they most likely knew what was going on there, and just brought me there to teach me something. they also did it just after I helped some people closby there(strangers I think). in case you don’t know yet that dear friend I mentioned is that fae/fairy/elf/angel/dragon/spirit/etc. I don’t know if she has a physical form other than energy however I just randomly meet her sometimes, and this time there where some others as well the where her friends atleast right then.

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