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Witness: [Name withheld upon request]
Location: Rochester, New York
Date of Encounter: December 22, 2005

I had just gone to bed around 9:00. I have this really bad habit of knocking my pillow off of my bed, so I really wasn't surprised that I had done it again. I leaned over my bed to grab my pillow. Not even two minuets later there's this really loud banging noise that sounded like someone had hit my bed. Out of fear, I crawled across my bed to the light I have hanging next to it.

I looked over to where the noise had come from. Suddenly, this really dark, black shape started to slowly rise from the place I was staring at. I flipped the switch to the light but it was too hard. The light turned off. I screamed in terror at the thing I saw and turned the light on again. The thing disappeared as soon as I turned on the light. 

I have told my parents this but they don't believe me. My uncle and my aunt were the only ones who believed me. My uncle's friend's mom was a medium, and he told me that she had told him that you should never talk to spirits that are black because they're evil and they could attach themselves to you. This has happened to me before, when I was 5, when I was 7, and last year when I was 10. 

I believe that there is more than one ghost in my house. For one, because I have heard giggling in my sisters' room while something had just fallen in our playroom. I'm pretty sure that there is a few kids in my house and that they're trying to tell me something but I'm not sure. So far nothing has happened that was unusual. 

My house is haunted and I really don't think that my parents know everything about our house. I mean, I know that our house is over 100 years old so they couldn't possibly know everything about it. Just because I'm only 11 years old doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about and that I don't know what ghosts are. If anybody knows of any deaths on Saint Johns Park, I'd really like to know. 

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