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Witness: Michelle
Location: Elgin, Illinois
Date of Encounter: 1989-1990

In 1989, my son, Jason, was 4 years old. Jason and I had just moved into a home on Commonwealth Street in Elgin, Illinois. From the beginning, I was very uncomfortable in the house. The only bathroom was upstairs and every time I started up the stairs, the hair on my arms would stand straight up. A few months after we moved in, Jason and I were in bed — he was always coming into my room at night. This one evening he looked up on the ceiling and said to me, "Who is that guy?" I explained to him there was no one there. He kept telling me there was a man looking down on him. It scared me so much that I grabbed him and we both slept downstairs. He never saw that man again. However, a year later the kitchen sink faucet turned on by itself. We also experienced some strange noises in the three years we lived there.

Before we moved, the previous owner came by and wanted to see what I had done with the house. I asked him if anyone had ever died in the home and he did say that the original owner had died in the upstairs bedroom in the front of the house. That was the room that my son saw the man in. Since I have been 7 I have always lived in homes that have a presence. The home I am in now has something here. I was looking out onto my front porch a few months ago when something flew through my hair and hit the glass on the door in front of me. I looked down and there lying on the floor was a quarter.

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