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Witness: Scott Silva
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana and Santa Rosa, California
Date of Encounter: September 2004

Labor Day weekend of 2004, I was having a great time in the French Quarter of New Orleans and having my share of alcohol. On my last day there I was too hung-over to drink anything, but I do remember that I kept looking to my right, though I didn't really think about it much. The night before, I had been at a party and some people were playing with a Ouija board (not me), and again, I really didn't think about it much.

I flew home to California and got home around midnight. I pretty much went right to bed as I was very tired from the trip. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I saw a man standing near my doorway. My immediate reaction was that there was an intruder — though I didn't feel threatened — I could see him plain as day. He looked to be in his 30s, white, wearing jeans, a polo shirt, and a baseball cap. I stepped closer and he simply faded away. I went back to bed and the next morning I sort of doubted what I saw. I thought that maybe I was just too tired and was seeing things. So, the next night, I sat-up in bed with the lights off to see if I would see him again. I saw movement in the area of the doorway. I decided to get up and walk toward it, but saw nothing. Then, for some reason I looked to my left and I saw him again plain as day. Though as quickly as I saw him he was gone. Later, my fire alarm started to beep that it needed a new battery. Not wanting to be kept-up all night, I went to the store and bought a new battery. By the time I got home, the beeping had stopped. I went back to bed and saw small red and green lights moving across my bedroom ceiling. I woke the next morning with my bedding next to me shaped to look like someone was sleeping next to me. At this point I was thoroughly freaked-out. I knew that my house wasn't haunted before as I had lived there for two years and it was a new house. This ghost was very "touchy." One night getting home, I felt it hug me from behind, with every hair on the back of my neck standing straight-up. Or, I would feel it standing next to me and the hair on one of my arms would be standing straight up. Thoroughly freaked-out, I had to do something. At a local gay bar I frequent, there is a psychic that gives readings in the pool room. I have had a reading from her once before and thought her competent, so I went to see her hoping that she could help me. She told me that she thought the ghost to be mildly retarded and that he didn't know that he was dead and that it was up to me to tell him to leave and go into the light. So I frequently would talk to the ghost and tell it to go into the light. The ghost didn't seem to be listening. While I never actually saw him again, I often felt his presence with my arm hair standing up whenever he got close. I think that the ghost actually went out with me one night. I went to a bar and had the usual hair-on-end feeling. After about a week and a half, I was really getting tired of talking to the ghost and was actually getting used to him being around. I was driving to visit a friend who lives in a remote wooded area and I could sense that the ghost was with me in the car. So, again I talk to the ghost telling it to leave and go to the light. At some point on that drive, the ghost finally did leave me and I have had no sign of him since. So that is my story of "The Gay Retarded Ghost That Followed Me Home From New Orleans."

Ever since that experience I have had several other ghostly encounters. The psychic said that I have a ability to sense spirits and that now that I have had such a major experience and found that it didn't harm me, that I am more open to it. I was recently reading in Hans Holzer's Ghosts that he states that ghosts don't follow people home. I, obviously, strongly disagree. 

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