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Witness: Tara Ipock
Location: Carthage, Missouri
Date of Encounter: August 16, 2007

I was at home alone one night and I heard footsteps upstairs. I thought maybe it was the cats, so I went upstairs to investigate. As I was headed up, I saw what appeared to be a dim glow staring back at me from the edge of the stairs. I headed up some more, as brave as I was freaked, and I went into my room where I heard the steps. As I walked in I saw that the cats weren't in there and there was no way they could have gotten out because the door was shut, and nothing was there. I went back down stairs and started watching television and I heard it again, this time I was certain it wasn't the cats. I went back up and as I opened the door, it slammed shut. I screamed and ran down stairs and called my parents. Unfortunately, they didn't believe me, so I went back up again, stupid me, and checked it out again because it just fascinated me the way the door slammed with such force. Once I got in there and looked up, there was a man standing there. He was dressed in 1920s clothing and as soon as he looked up, he disappeared. After that, my parents realized how much I got scared, and we decided to move across town. Every time I see that house, I think of that experience.

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