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Witness: Elizabeth
Location: Lebanon, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: 2003 – 2008

Upon ever thinking of the paranormal my initial feeling is fear. I am not, maybe never will be, comfortable with my encounters with the supernatural. I've always been what you would call "overly scared" when it comes to the subject of ghosts, but that doesn't stop the supernatural from paying my frightened self many visits. For some odd reason most of my encounters have been while being just in the midst of falling asleep or they will wake me up out of sleep. For this reason I have always tried to convince myself that they were just my imagination, but recently I have come to cope with the fact that they have been happening more frequently. The past homes I have lived in have been older homes so you would think that if I were having encounters, the history of the home would be to blame, but I now live in a newer home and am recently being visited by a close friend of mine who passed away almost two years ago.

My first encounter was when I was about 13. I was lying in bed almost asleep when I heard what I thought was my little sister talking and playing in my room. I told her sternly, "Holly, get out of my room!" But when the little voice and rummaging through my belongings in the corner didn't stop, I opened my eyes only to see that the little voice wasn't my sisters. It was a little girl, whose face I couldn't really make out being that she was a little ball of light. Some of her features were distinctive, but I could clearly tell what was happening. I jumped out of my bed and ran for dear life! My mother is a big fan of the supernatural and always says, "Elizabeth, you should try to talk to them if you see them. Ask them what they want." Is she crazy? My first experience made me run, much less strike up a conversation! We eventually moved into a much older home where I experienced a lot of lights turning on and off by themselves and the frequent sounds of someone walking up and down the hardwood stairs, but I grew use to it and never had anymore visual experiences until recently. My closest fried, Morgan, passed away in a car accident almost two years ago at the young age of 19. I believe that she hasn't crossed over because she is confused. Her life was taken so quickly that I believe she is lost and she is now visiting me. She has come to me two times in the past month and I have a feeling that she's going to come again. Anytime I have an encounter it scares the wits out of me! Again this encounter came in the midst of falling asleep. I was actually having a dream about her and I don't know if it was a noise that woke me up, but in my groggy state I opened my eyes and someone was standing in front of me. I know it was her but couldn't make her out. I heard her talking to me, but it was very muffled. I was scared to death, of course, so I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep blowing it off as my imagination until I woke up. The same night I was having yet another dream about her. I am a very light sleeper so any noise, touch, etc., will wake me up. While dreaming of her, I popped awake instantly while catching a chill and having something touch my back in the dead darkness of the night. I tried to scream, but nothing came out so I hugged my infant son closer and went back to sleep. My way of dealing with my encounters is to be very still (if you call that dealing). I would like to not be so fearful of the supernatural, much less my best friend. Please help if you can.

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