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Witness: Ryan
Location: Bihar, India
Date of Encounter: September 22, 1998

I would like to share an encounter which I faced in late September in the year 1998. Firstly, I would just like to give a background on myself and the place of encounter. My family is basically from Ireland, now settled in a farming area of Bihar in India. So my grandma's farm which is based in the rural area of Bihar is not unknown to sightings and paranormal activity, in fact I grew up with stories of new encounters every week. Mind you, I was doing my schooling in a hill station where my parents were teachers — the only time I came home to the farm was during vacations. During this episode, I had returned to grandma', for a week-long break and was basically lying around in my room with the window open. Now this farm is devoid of electricity, so we have to rely on kerosene lanterns for the night light. I was drawn to look out of the window as it was a great moonlit night. Just near the window I noticed this figure of a very short man looking in at me. He looked more like a dwarf just standing there staring at me. Thinking it to be a servant, I let off a string of abuses for trying to spook me. The next time I looked out, he wasn't there.

Closing my eyes, I was just lulling to sleep when I felt like I had three men holding me down. I couldn't move a muscle and to add to it, I felt I was being suffocated — I just could not breathe — I was literally fighting a battle. My brain was ceasing to function and the only thing I could concentrate on was the Lord's prayer as I tried to reach for the rosary under my pillow. A few seconds later I felt this burden off of me and I opened my eyes to find myself on the threshold of the door leading out of my room. Confused and lost, I walked to my grandma's room where I slept. I woke up to a week-long of fever — there went my vacation.

The next time I felt this way was during my college days in Calcutta, India. I was lying in my hostel room where I don't know if I was dreaming or not, but I felt the same way, and I just couldn't breathe. This time, however, I saw this same short guy lead me up to the tallest building in the area and kept telling me to jump. I don't know whether this was an out-of-body experience because I knew I was still in the room struggling to move or breathe, and yet I could see this guy tell me to jump. What felt like a hundred Lord's prayers later, I felt back to normal, but the surprising fact was my door lay open when I could have sworn I closed it before sleeping. Such a thing hasn't happened since, and I sure hope it doesn't. Thank you for letting me share my experiences.

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