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Witness: Linda Dix
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: August 2001

In 2001 when my husband J. R. and I went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, we took along my grandson Jacob, who was 8 at the time, and my son Roy who was 29. Jacob's favorite place in Gettysburg is Devil's Den — those massive boulders are a child and rock climber's dream, and all of us spent many hours climbing and exploring all the nooks and crannies.

It was just after dark, the full moon providing the light for us to walk by when Roy and Jacob decided to walk down the road that runs along the bottom of the Valley of Death. This road is at the bottom of the slope that leads to Little Round Top where Col. Chamberlain and the 20th Maine repelled the confederate assault and saved the day for the Union forces. As they walked along they thought they heard someone approaching them at a rapid rate from behind, they even thought they saw a light behind them, but when they turned around to see who was coming, no one was there. No person, no car, nothing but the night. They shrugged their shoulders and decided to continue their walk. A few moments later, they again heard something approaching from behind, only this time it sounded like several people moving toward them with lights which cast both their shadows on the ground in front of them. However, when they turned around once more, nothing was there. They looked at each other, confirmed that they both saw and heard the same things, they decided that their evening walk was over and made their way to the car post-haste!

When they got to the parking lot at Devil's Den they asked us if we had heard or seen anything in the direction they were walking, but we didn't since we were unable to see them because we were behind the rocks. Then we decided to use the restroom that was on the other side of the little bridge that crosses Plum Run. After the battle, this creek was named Bloody Run, for it ran red with the blood of those who had been killed or wounded on the battlefield that horrific day. As we crossed the bridge we heard someone breathing hard and running up from behind us. Thinking this person was in a hurry or out for an evening jog, we moved aside to let them pass. But all that passed us was a swish of wind! It felt like someone flew past us but we saw no one, just the sensation you would get if someone ran past you. It spooked all of us and we decided that we had enough ghost hunting for one evening and headed back to the safety of our motel room!

Whenever we go to Gettysburg we are never disappointed, we always seem to have a paranormal encounter there. With me being a psychic/medium it seems to attract spirits who wish to make their presence known and I am usually open and ready to listen.

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