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Witness: Julie
Location: Brazil, Indiana
Date of Encounter: 1978

My family lived in a trailer behind our grandparents' home where I lived with my two brothers and one sister. Me, my sister, and brothers had to share one bedroom. Every since we were young, weird things have happened to us. To start off, my father wasn't home one night and it was late, around 11 or so. Everyone was in bed asleep. The kids were in our room, and my mom was asleep in my parents' room at the other end of the trailer when just out of nowhere, me and my older brother woke up to the sound of laughing and talking.

I sat up in my bed that I shared with my sister and the exact same time he sat up in his bed that he shared with our brother. We both looked at each other and noticed right above the window on the curtain rod was a little… I don't know what you would call it… a little man, I guess, laughing at us, and he had an awful smell. We both jumped up to run to our mother's room and as soon as we exited the bedroom, we ran into the living room where the cable cord was jumping up and down so we couldn't get across. We were so scared we screamed for our mom, but she never came in the living room. As soon as we got enough nerve to jump the cable cord, we ran into the kitchen where a bearded man was sitting there reading the Bible upside down. We couldn't understand what he was saying, but we could see him as plain as day. He had a real big head and a little body. My brother took my hand and pulled me down the hallway to my mother's room. She was crying. We asked her why she was crying and she said someone or something had her pinned to the bed and she wasn't able to get up to come to us after she heard us yell for her. By her bedroom was the back door to the trailer and it was wide opened. She said it had flew open and she heard laughing and someone talking in a different language – exactly like the things that we had seen and heard. That night we got into her bed to sleep, and didn't sleep all night. She said she thought she was having a dream, but after we got into her room, she knew it was real.

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