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Witness: Peter Alan Silk
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Date of Encounter: October 7, 1978

My sister was returning from overseas on a flight so my mother, brothers, and myself drove from our hometown to Brisbane to our friend's place that they had just moved into from a house across the street. Late into the night, all reunited it was time to go to bed. My brother and myself had too share a double bed on the closed-in veranda that was at the front corner of the house.

After sleeping for a while I woke up, looked, and saw a ghostly figure standing at the end of the room staring caringly at me. To this day I remember very clearly seeing a full apparition of a middle-aged lady who looked very peaceful and kind. She started bending down to a small cabinet. She did this once, twice, and a third time. By this time I had a ghostly cold shiver up the back of my neck. I looked out the window and saw the street as clear as when I was awake. I now looked back at our friend for a quick moment, and then being young, I pulled the covers over my head.

I looked over at my sleeping brother, and soon I too feel asleep again. Morning arrived and I walked to the cabinet that had been there a very long time. I opened the door to see old Bibles, a cross, and our Jesus all placed neatly as it all would have been many times before. I wonder till this day why this happened.

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