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Edited with an introduction by Simon
Publisher: Ibis Press (December 2008)
Pages: 218 – Price: $125.00 review

How amazing that this book is finally back in full print in a 31st anniversary edition, complete with illustrations and text that make this one of the most enticing and intriguing grimoires ever written. This book will take you through the origins and discovery of this powerful system of magick. It will discuss how to call up entities from beyond to help further your goals and wishes, for that is what the book is about. These entities are not to be taken lightly, or for granted. This, too, the reader will discover in reading the book, and pondering upon what it has to offer!

There are certain formulae which go beyond the stars and the paranormal in pure intent and direction. This is probably among the finest, if not the finest possibly, book edition of the Necronomicon in existence. It is safe to say, this particular publication in its completeness further establishes itself as one of the most desired and feared of all occult books ever published.

This beautifully crafted hardcover book is cloth bound and dedicated on the one hundred anniversary of Aleister Crowley, originally, and the 31st edition is dedicated to Lawrence K. Barnes. This book has much material, some of it scary to those who know nothing of the text and are new to its message and what it offers.

Please allow me to share some of the vast magickal information covered in the book. Following the interesting acknowledgements, and the prefaces, comes the in-depth introduction which explains all.

The introductory essay is followed by prefatory notes, chart of comparisons, supplementary material to 777, notes on pronunciations, the spells translated, common Sumerian words and phrases in English, discussion of the original manuscript, and a discussion of banishings with a bibliography and suggested reading list.

The text section will give the reader everything needed to undertake his or her magickal interests. Among the many topics are such titles as “Of Zonei and Their Attributes,” “The Incantations of the Gates,””The MAKLU yext,””The Book of Calling,” “The Book of Fifty Names,” and “The URILIA text.”

For instance, the invocation known as “The Invocation of the Ishtar Gate” is given in its entire length, and like all invocations and spells in this fine book, each is accurate in its presentation so that the reader is able to give an accurate presentation when undertaking his or her magickal incantations and spells!

One of the excellent features of this book is the detail given to seals. Each seal is fully detailed, and the meaning for each seal is discussed for magickal usage.

This is a book that will interest a wide range of readers, be they interested in the paranormal, the supernatural, or the occult. If you are interested in the magick found in the Necronomicon, this is a wise investment for a book that will give the reader years of reading interest.

Highly accessible, highly readable, and full of arcane knowledge, this book should appeal to readers from page one to its conclusion.

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