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Witness: Kim Jillson
Location: Lake Pearl Island, Wrentham, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: 1983

Back in 1983 I moved in with my then boyfriend and his dad and stepmother. I moved out on an island in the middle of a lake called Lake Pearl.

Back in the early 1900s, I guess they used this as a camp. I heard that it burned down and later on someone rebuilt it into a two bedroom house. I had heard that a woman and a young boy died out there a long time ago. Then in 1985 or a little later, a little boy drowned near the house. Their spirits must have figured that they would all like to come and live with us four. They liked to play games with all of us. On one particular evening we were hosting a square dancing party out there. Now, most of these people are in there 40s or so — there were about four people sitting on the sofa and in front of them was a dish filled with candy. All of a sudden, the dish went flying. They could not believe what they saw. We could not believe the ghosts were going to act up while we had company. We had to explain we have non-paying tenant here also. They were in shock. Later on in the evening we were all playing card's when my boyfriend's aunt asked him, "Why is your friend over there wearing knickers?" He stated, "That was not one of my friends." But she was adamant about it and ran up the stairs to see him. To her surprise there was no one up there.

There was also the smoke ghosts, as I called them — they used to linger around at night while we watched TV. Sometimes they would throw a big breeze of cold air at us. We also heard loud footsteps on the roof, and at one point we even called the local police to come out in their boat to investigate. Of course they found nothing. Then one night I really freaked out was when my boyfriend's dad was in his room sleeping and all of a sudden he let out a scream, "Help I can't get up!" Of course we both went running in there to see what was the matter. When I switched on the light, to my surprise there was a little bum print and palm prints on the head board in the dust. That was scary. Around 1986, the father and step mother bought a house across the lake and we stayed on the Island alone. On their last day of moving, the stepmother jokingly invited the ghosts to move with them. I said they won't leave here, they have been here for years. Unbeknown to us, they would go. It took them about a month or so for them to start the games with my boyfriend's father and stepmother. On one early morning, the father was in the downstairs bathroom shaving, when all of a sudden he felt a pinch on his butt. He yelled, "Ouch, stop it Kathy!" Well Kathy was upstairs in the shower at the same time. Their presence was well known now. The next trick they pulled was when the plug to the sink disappeared for about a year. Then all of a sudden, it appeared in the toilet one day. My boyfriend and I moved out and went our separate ways in 1987. Boy, do I miss that place.

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